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Brake Lining Rivets - BS3575 (1963)

Data sheet and standard sizes

Manufactured to globally accepted standards including BS3575, DIN7338, ANSI B18.7 and JISD4312 or to customers specified drawings.

BS3575 (1963)

Rivet Ref. Shank Diameter Preferred minimum shank length Head Diameter Head Thickness Tube Diameter Depth of tube in shank Recommended minimum clinch allowance

d L D K B T C

nom. max. min.
nom. max. min. max. min. nom. nom.
E 1/80.1250.123/167/320.2180.2080.0300.0250.0825/32§ 3/32
F 9/640.1440.143/1619/640.3000.2900.0350.0300.0995/32§ 3/32
G 5/320.1560.1513/165/160.3170.3070.0400.0350.1063/16† 1/8
H 11/640.1760.1711/45/160.3170.3070.0400.0350.1283/16† 1/8
J 3/160.1880.1831/43/80.3640.3540.0450.0400.1367/32‡ 1/8
K 7/320.2150.2105/1627/640.4300.4200.0600.0500.1547/32‡ 1/8
L 1/40.2500.2453/815/320.4780.4680.0600.0500.1807/325/32
M 5/160.3120.3077/169/160.5620.5470.0700.0600.2341/43/16
N 3/80.3750.3701/25/80.6250.6100.0800.0700.2819/327/32

All dimensions are in inches

§ Rivets reference E and F with a shank length (L) less than 5/16 inch have a tube depth (T) of 1/8 inch.

† Rivets reference G and H with a shank length (L) less than 5/16 inch have a tube depth (T) of 5/32 inch.

‡ Rivets reference J and K with a shank length (L) less than 3/8 inch have a tube depth (T) of 5/32 inch.

All rivets are embossed showing the rivet reference letter and the shank length (L) where the shank length is specified by whole numbers of 1/16 inch increments. 1/32 inch increments are specified as half whole numbers ie: 0.5.

For example: G8 is rivet reference G which has a 5/32 inch shark diameter and has a 1/2 inch shark length.

G8.5 is rivet reference G which has a 5/32 inch shank diameter and has a 17/32 inch shank length.

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