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Anti Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification

Clevtec are a wholly owned subsidiary of Clevedon Fasteners Limited. Please see the attached certificate; you will see that Clevtec are shown on the second page as a separate location. ISO9001 download and ISO14001 download

CSG and ESR Information

Russian Sanctions

CVLA5000 Renit Vario

Press play to see a video of the CVLA in action.

A detailed instruction book for the CLVA5000 is available here as a download


Details of the CL2B are available here for you to download

A detailed instruction book for the CL2B is available here as a download

As manufacturers we have lots of general useful information which you may find helpful in your product selection or design. Some of the less esoteric are listed below.

Mechanical Properties BS.3692 (This standard is now obsolete)

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