Brake Lining Rivets - DIN7338 (1993)

Data sheet and standard sizes

Manufactured to globally accepted standards including BS3575, DIN7338, ANSI B18.7 and JISD4312 or to customers specified drawings.

DIN7338 (1993)

Nominal Shank Diameter Actual Shank Diameter Head Diameter Head Thickness Tube Diameter Type B only Tube Depth Type B only Corner Radius Wall Thickness Type C only
d1 h13 d3 (min) d2 Perm dev. k Tolerance +0.00 / -0.20 d4 H13 t* Tolerance +0.50 / -0.00 r (max) e s Tolerance +0.10 / -0.10
33.0002.8505.500h14 0.8001.7003.5004.0000.2001.5000.500
44.0003.8007.500h15 1.0002.7004.0005.0000.3002.0000.500
55.0004.8009.500h15 1.0003.5004.0006.0000.3002.5000.600
66.0005.80011.500h15 1.2004.2006.0008.0000.4003.0000.750
88.0007.75015.500h15 1.2006.0008.00010.0000.4004.0001.200
1010.0009.75018.000h15 1.4007.50010.00012.0000.6005.0001.200
All dimensions are in millimetres 
*The actual tube depth t (1) or t (2) is determined by the shank length and the material used.

Rivet Designation Example: 
Rivet DIN 7338 - C6 x 20 - St 
Where C is the rivet type, 6 is the nominal diameter, 20 is the shank length (l) in mm and St is the rivet material (steel)

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