Clevtec PR-5 Battery Powered Self Piercing Setting Gun

The PR-5 is designed for use primarily by sheet metal fabricators and repairers, working in HVAC, electrical cabinets, shutters and vehicle body shop applications to name but a few.

The rivet specification is key to the joint performance when the rivet is set and so the machine will only be sold when we have set and tested the rivet joint to the customer’s satisfaction, this also acts as a training platform for those unfamiliar with the technology to ensure the machines safe and correct operation in the field.

It is vitally important that the correct rivet is used to ensure a secure joint. Changes in material thickness will affect the performance of the joint. Any changes of this type should always be discussed with us prior to implementation as a different rivet configuration may be required.

Technical Information/Product Details
Completely portable
Capable of 5Kn-50kn load, fully adjustable, 45mm travel, typical cycle time 3-5 sec.
2 off 18v lithium-ion batteries, full charge time 2hrs on battery typically 200-350 rivets per charge, 240v/110v international charger.
Die set includes tooling for self-piercing rivets (SPR) setting, SPR removal tool, semi-tubular setting, solid rivet setting, flattening, punching.
55mm "C” frame.
Force adjustment knob, auto retraction after setting, separate release switch if needed, joint illumination, "smart trigger” allowing forward motion pause for fine adjustment if required.
250 Customer application specific SPR’s included in the price (price of further supplies given before unit is purchased)
Training provided.

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