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Wednesday 6th Jul 2022

5 Common Fastener Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Fasteners are an important aspect of many manufactured products however without the correct application failures and recalls can occur. The common mistakes that cause these issues to happen across businesses have been compiled below to highlight the issues and provide advice to help avoid them.

Choosing The Incorrect Grade Or Material

Selecting the optimal grade and material for your application is essential for a long-lasting result. Before placing your fastener order be sure to check that:

The grade is strong enough for your application
The material fits the required purpose
The fastener will be able to withstand heat or cold where appropriate 

With an array of options available, the best way to ensure you choose the best one for your application is to research and enquire. Any good fastener supplier will be at hand to offer you their advice if requested, so be sure to run any requirements past them before purchasing.

Overdriving Fasteners

Although overdriving is often done to ensure everything is fitted tightly it can be detrimental to functionality. The strength and structure of a fastener or project material can be compromised when overdriving occurs, leading to damage which results in a product shortage and an increase in costs.

To prevent overdriving, it is advised to drill pilot holes, use self-centering bits and ensure the driver’s slip clutch is correctly set.

Combining Reactive Metals

The impact of reactive metals in fastening can often be overlooked due to a lack of knowledge. For example, aluminum is a popular metal commonly used due to its great properties however it does not react well with other metals. When reactive metals react negatively and are combined with an electrolyte it leads to dissimilar metal corrosion.

Always check that the metals in your project material and fastener are compatible through investigation or querying it with your supplier. Here at Clevtec, we supply fasteners in a variety of metal finishes to avoid this dilemma, view our range here.

Using The Wrong Tool Or Driver

Choosing the correct tool to apply your fastener is essential in ensuring the utmost strength and integrity. Issues such as damage to the fastener or an inadequate fitting can result from improper tool use, so don’t cut corners and ensure the right tool is adhered to.

Another area in which shortcuts are often made is with drivers, with incompatible drivers being used and causing incorrect fastening. Check with your supplier if you are unsure on any steps of fastener application to avoid this mistake.

Cheap Fasteners

When budget restraints are considered, a cheaper option may be attractive however they often lack additional components such as the correct plating. These cheaper options are less resistant to corrosion which will speed up the deterioration process.

To avoid shelling out costs for replacement fasteners or repairs it’s worthwhile to invest that extra amount in quality, long-lasting fasteners.

Get Expert-Backed Recommendations

At Clevtec we are committed to using our in-depth technical expertise to deliver the exact high-quality components required to OEM’s and distributors worldwide. If any of the mistakes mentioned above are of concern to you and your operations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here. 

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