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Monday 7th Feb 2022

A Spotlight On Self Clinching Studs

Self clinching studs are threaded fasteners which provide a permanent and reliable installation by using a durable clinch feature. They incorporate a specially formed platform and combined locking ring under the head to create a high torque, push out resistant fixing.

The process involves pressing the stud into sheet material which then displaces its materials around the locking ring and tightly secures the stud in place. Self clinching studs are easy to assemble with any squeeze press and are used across manufacturing in industries such as automobiles, computers, telecommunications. View our range of stock here.

The Benefits

Perfect for Thin Metal – Self clinching studs are often utilised in applications where the sheet metal is too thin to be securely fastened by other methods, they also create a neat low-profile fastening beneficial for appearance purposes.

Fast and Efficient – There is less hardware involved in the process as the need for washers, lock washers and loose nuts is eliminated. This in turn creates a quicker assembly method which is also cost effective. Shorter lead times is also an advantage allowing you to get your product to market quicker.

Heat and Energy Savings - The saving of heat is beneficial safety-wise as no sparks or fumes are present although other safety measures such as goggles must still be maintained.

Also as energy costs rise in the UK low-energy cost processes are becoming increasingly attractive. Self-clinching studs are often praised as a cost-effective method due to their quick cycle and low energy requirements.

Guaranteed Strength – Self clinching studs can withstand both substantial weights and high levels of torque for a durable solution.

Get In Touch To Start Using Self Clinching Studs

We supply top-quality self clinching studs that are manufactured for high strength applications. If you are thinking of amending your processes to include self clinching studs, we can provide expert advice to enhance your next project. Get in touch with our specialist team today to get your project moving forward, here.

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