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Tuesday 18th Aug 2020

Clinch Studs - Holding the Nation's Projects Together

Here at Clevtec, we manufacture and provide high-quality self-clinching studs to our valued customers, all over the United Kingdom. The self-clinching stud is a threaded fastener, or plain pin, which incorporates a specially formed platform and combined locking ring under the head. When pressed into sheet material, the platform displaces some material into the locking ring, thereby securing the fastener in place. This is what results in a high torque and push out resistant fixing.

There are different types of self-clinching studs available, suitable for various applications – for example Non Flush Head types where a large, non-fitting head is used, are used in high-strength applications that require improved pull through resistance (for example, if they’re used in substitution for a weld bolt). 

There are also a range of materials and finishes available, including standard studs which are manufactured from heat treated carbon steel, and are supplied with a bright zinc and clear passivated finish. Chromate passivated finishes can also be provided by the Clevtec manufacturing team. 

Applications for self-clinching studs vary, as they help organisations save money when installing. For example, they are easily assembled with any squeeze press, and can be used as a suitable alternative to replace capacitor discharge studs and weld bolts – at lower installation costs. 

Clinch studs come in a range of stock sizes including metric and imperial threads to suit your requirements. Installation of clinch studs is easily done, with any squeeze action press using a flat faced punch and die with sufficient pressure to embed the head into the surface of the sheet material. 

If you would like to find out more about how clinch studs could enhance your next project, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with the friendly team of experts today on 0121 3785960, or email us at 

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