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Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021

How will Brexit affect my order?

We are now midway through February, which means that as a nation, we have nearly gotten through the first two months of life after Brexit. Many UK businesses have worked tirelessly to ensure that business remains as usual as possible during what is a very strange time for most, however there is still one question which is frequently asked – how will Brexit affect my order?

Here at Clevtec, we wanted to give our valued customers as straight forward an answer as possible to what is likely to become an age-old question.

The answer is, if you try to follow the useful tips below, hopefully Brexit won’t affect your orders to a significant level – they just might be a little delayed at boarders if you are ordering from the EU.

Prepare projects ahead of time
The best piece of advice our team can give to help your order be as unaffected by Brexit as possible, is to ensure you prepare your projects ahead of time.

Get your orders in early
Getting your orders in early ties in with the above tip, and we can’t stress this enough. Letting us know what you need from us as soon as you can, will help prevent delays to your project commencement.

Have your EORI number to-hand
If you wish to continue to trade with Clevtec, or any UK company, you will be required to send us your EORI number – so always have this close-by!

Stay in touch with our team
Our team are here to help you through your project management journey, from start to finish. Even when things are a little different. The easiest way for us to help you when you need us is to stay in touch with us and keep us up to date with how you are getting on, and by letting us know first-hand if we can help out in any way.

Follow us on social media to get the latest updates
We regularly post to our social media platforms throughout the month, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media platforms are the place to head to for the latest information and news from the company and the manufacturing industry. If you have a question or need advice about our products, feel free to drop us a message in Facebook Messenger.

To find out more about how we can help make your projects as efficient and cost-effective as possible, why not call our friendly team of experts today to discuss your exact requirements and the goals you would like to achieve in 2021? Our number is 0121 3785960 – simply click or tap the number and follow the instructions on your screen or dial the number into your phone.

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