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Thursday 6th Sep 2018

Need Clinch Studs Tomorrow? Get in Touch Today!

Here at Clevtec, we manufacture a complete range of flush and non-flush (high strength) metric and imperial clinch studs to suit all applications.

Our extensive stocks enable us to offer next day delivery from our own warehouse.

Competitive rates! 

Our prices were already very competitive and with the current £/€ and £/$ rate there has never been a better time to switch to a high quality UK manufacturer.

Visit our website to view the range and give us a call on 0121 378 5960 to discuss your requirements or send your RFQ by e-mail to or purchase our products online!

Our Self Clinching Studs:

  1. Come in two basic types 'Flush Head' where the embedded head is flush with the face of the material and 'Non Flush Head' where the larger non flush head is used.
  2. Are manufactured predominantly from heat treated carbon to property class 10.9 as standard to ensure no "drop out" in 8.8 applications.
  3. Are supplied with bright zinc and clear trivalent passive finish though other finishes are available. 
  4. Can be manufactured using 300 (A2 and A4) series stainless steel if required.
  5. Buy now for a better rate! 

With the British Pound at an all-time low compared to the Euro, there has never been a better time to buy our products! Buying our UK manufactured products literally gives you more bang for your buck! ...or Euro!

Get in touch! 

We have a wealth of knowledge within our team derived from many years of experience in this field and we can advise on any issues that may arise and tailor products to your specific requirements. Visit our website to find out more on our products or if you would like more information and wish to chat through your requirements then feel free to give us a call on 0121 378 5960.

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