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Monday 15th Nov 2021

Prioritising Longevity: Our Commitment To Quality

Industry news is often fraught with fastener faults which lead to large product recalls and in some cases an endangerment of life. With recent global high-profile cases in both the automotive and construction industry, a spotlight has been shone on quality testing within the manufacturing industry.

It is essential that components are manufactured and tested to the utmost degree due to numerous reasons, such as:

  1. Safety – The strength and durability of fasteners are essential to the safety of many aspects of society. From transport to building construction, improperly prepared parts are endangering.
  2. Cost – A large recall can negatively affect a company’s financial return with the costs of fixing, replacing and often customer reimbursement taking priority. 
  3. Reputation – Quality products and services help drive positive feedback with an increased likelihood of customers returning, which can build upon the company’s credible reputation.
All of these points build longevity and here at Clevtec, this is something we can attest to with our quality assurance plans in place. By committing to our high-quality regimes, we keep the customers satisfied and we stand out for our execution of products and services.

Essential Quality Regimes

In adherence to British Standards, the dimensions and manufacturing tolerances of our products are quality approved to precise procedures. Our system also caters to any individual requirements which gives you complete flexibility and confidence in the standards you receive.

This assurance spans worldwide, and we deliver a wealth of knowledge to ensure that the consistency throughout our products meet all local conditions. You can read more information about our International expertise here.

ISO Certified

We are delighted to have received our ISO 9001:2015 certification for another year, highlighting our compliance to the quality management system. This is evidence of our assurance process which meets both statutory and regulatory requirements. 
You can view all of our certifications and documents on our downloads page here.

Assurance Guaranteed
As global exporters with years of extensive expertise, we are here to help! If you are unsure about the quality of products within your project, then our team can offer first-class fastener recommendations. Get in touch for any advice by calling us on 0121 378 5960 or emailing us at

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