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Tuesday 17th Aug 2021

Reshoring from Asia

You may have read about the manufacturing pandemic currently affecting the industry, in our last news article post (which you can also find here) – we touched briefly on reshoring from Asia and why it is so important for UK manufacturers to help keep their businesses booming. 

Companies have predominantly offshored to Asia for their consumer and business-to-business products. The supply chains supporting this business model have developed a very low-cost operation resulting in the products being readily available. Our economy needs to recover from the pandemic, and costs to customers have increased by thousands due to there being no spare capacity. 

Here at Clevtec, we must compete with imports brought in by our competitors from Asia, where most fasteners used in all sorts of manufacturing in the UK and worldwide come from. In addition to cost increases, the actual time from shipment to arrival has increased significantly and has been exacerbated in recent months due to the problems in the Suez Canal. 

How can you support Clevtec and other UK manufacturers? 

UK manufacturers are needing the help of UK customers more than ever – as a customer, you can help Clevtec and other manufacturers by ensuring your projects are being supplied by UK-based organisations (such as ourselves!). 

This will help UK based manufacturers, as well as the overall UK economy recover, from the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Local industries will be extremely grateful of your reshoring choice as part of your upcoming projects. 

Find your perfect solution today 

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