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Tuesday 4th Jan 2022

Supporting Your Business Growth In 2022

As we enter 2022 there are several industry predictions for the year ahead, with both promising and challenging patterns emerging. Figures from the Confederation of British Industry have shown that manufacturers across the UK experienced a near-record high demand of new orders in December 2021. However due to underlying factors this is set to have a short-term slowdown in the coming months as low stocks remain an ongoing issue.

That said, supply chain disruption continues to be a problem for the UK manufacturing industry, alongside workforce shortages which have impacted stock inadequacies for many businesses. While there's an element of uncertainty for the start of 2022, it’s also a chance to prepare for the positive, long-term growth that is set to stabilise in due course. Consequently, many companies are optimistic in using exports in the coming years, which is resulting in companies altering their business processes to alleviate any future risks to their growth potential.

Supporting UK Economy

With the worry of global supply chains UK manufacturers would benefit from a localised supply of products. Here at Clevtec we provide manufactured fasteners with services that reduce lead times and guarantee customer satisfaction. It’s imperative to keep the UK economy growing by helping local industries where possible, see how our team can help your next project here.

Supply Chain Services

As mentioned, supply chain issues continue to loom over the industry and our supply chain services are highly efficient, whilst helping free up much need resources. Get in touch with our team of experts here to find out how we can help you streamline your operation.

Quality Products Guaranteed

We manufacture and stock a wide array of quality products and operate an efficient service that will consistently fulfil your project needs. We have made the process of purchasing easier by providing details and specifications of each cold formed component and fastener product on our website, take a look at our inventory to find out more here.

Keeping You Up To Date

We like to keep our customers informed about the latest company and industry news on our website, social media channels and via email. Visit the news section of our website to keep abreast of any updates or follow our social media channels below:

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