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Thursday 13th Apr 2023

The 4 Key Benefits of our In-house Fastener Manufacturing Services

At Clevtec, we pride ourselves on our sophisticated in-house manufacturing plant, based in Sutton Coldfield. We offer a wide range of industrial fasteners and components for the automotive, construction and engineering sectors to name a few.
Since our establishment, we have continued to provide honesty, integrity, credibility, while upholding family values and below are the 4 benefits of our services and why our customers continue to work with us:

1. Easier Communication

We understand that communication is vital and with our clients, we make the process as seamless as possible, leaving no room for misunderstanding. Through our communication channels, we make sure real-time conversations are made to make the process as clear and streamlined as possible.

We ditch the hassle and get the job done with high satisfaction rates. From start to finish, we continually keep in contact to make sure you are up to date, and the project is delivered on time. 

2. Agility

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to shift direction more easily or make changes in response to innovative ideas, bespoke specifications and market conditions.

Therefore, no matter the requirements, our versatile production methods can ensure that your fasteners, fixings, or components are developed to your needs quickly and effectively.

Through using this approach, and using Clevtec, you are guaranteed a reliable partner that will be able to cater to your project requests. Whether it is the material, sizing, design, or finish, we have the equipment and experience to help support your business when you need it for complete peace of mind. 

3. Cost Effectiveness

As your business gets busier, and your capabilities become less flexible, it may get to the stage where you need to outsource the work, or you simply do not have the equipment and expertise to do so. This is where we come in and help give you a cost-effective approach, removing the stress and hassle for your business.

Through this avenue, you are not only saving time and resources, but you are gaining affordable suppliers that look after their customers every step of the way. Plus, we are ISO certified so you can be assured that you are in the right hands. View our certifications here.

4. Easily Customisable

The ability to source customisable fasteners and fixings greatly benefits companies who are looking to outsource the work and get products developed to specific details. From small to large scale productions, our team can fulfill your requests and process them in an efficient time frame.

Simply send in a sketch or drawing, together with details of the application (safety critical, marine environment, extreme heat etc) and any heat treatment or plating requirements and we will work hard to meet your set details. 

Start Your Journey With Us

If you would like to see how our in-house manufacturing services could benefit your business and the multiple avenues we can offer you, then please get in touch with us today.

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