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Wednesday 24th Jun 2020

The Secret Services

Whilst we manufacture and sell high quality products at competitive prices on a global scale – we also provide first-rate services to help you keep your business running smoothly. Here at Clevtec, we provide Supply Chain Management, and Supplier Reduction services, in order to save you valuable time and money.

Supply Chain Management

The team at Clevtec have vast experience in delivering cost reductions to customers by seeking out first class suppliers to partner with the stringent requirements expected from our customers. This has enabled us to provide bottom-line improvements to our customers, whilst fully meeting their quality and supply expectations. 

Our investment in new warehousing facilities is testimony to our commitment to ensure we continue to provide excellent customer service. Since each project is different, and customer requirements vary significantly in terms of scope and specific required outcomes – we like to work with you directly to help achieve your goals.

To find out more about our supply chain management services, call us on 0121 3785960, or email us at 

Supplier Reduction

Following on from the Supply Chain Management work we have completed, we have recognised the need for large companies to allow their purchasing staff to focus on their key supplier. We have developed a system which we believe can free-up valuable purchasing resources with no loss of functionality. This particular service is only likely to benefit companies with a turnover exceeding £10m.

To discover more, contact us on 0121 3785960. Alternatively, you can email

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