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Tuesday 8th Nov 2022

Top Considerations When Selecting Fastener Finishes

Finishes such as coating and plating are important features of any fastener, which is why the same amount of detail that is given to design should be reciprocated when selecting a finish. To ensure that your fastener and its application are as effective as possible, here are a number of factors to consider when it comes to finishes:

Is safety hindered or improved?

The safety of a joint should never be compromised and choosing the incorrect finish for your application can be detrimental in terms of strength and brittleness. When finishes such as plating are applied, it improves the durability of the base material through the added layer of metal coat. However, environmental factors such as weather, temperatures and any possible chemical contaminants that may increase the risks of a fastener failing and affecting a joint should be addressed.

Is corrosion and wear prevention in place?

Corrosion protection is a necessary part of applying finishes as it helps prevent the base metal from deteriorating. Uniform corrosion can occur when a fastener is inefficiently coated, leading to rust that renders the part unusable. Therefore, the correct coating can go a long way in preventing uniform corrosion and there are many coatings available for particular conditions. For example, zinc in humid environments or hot dip galvanising in harsher, outdoor environments.

Is the friction control adequate?

Maintaining a consistent and reliable joint friction value should be taken into account as coatings can affect the clamping load. Most commonly available finishes have friction values which are beneficial to consider for a coefficient of friction expected and stable. While often forgotten, friction control is a factor that should not be overlooked.

Will there be any assembly issues?

While they are often applied thinly there is always the risk that excess coating materials can gather in recesses and threads which can affect dimensions. Recess fill is particularly troublesome when it comes to smaller fasteners and although these faults can be due to a design flaw, the finishing process should also be considered. To prevent any issues when it comes to assembly, opt for a suitable coating for your fastener size and consider the number of coating layers needed.

Finishes for every application

At Clevtec our expansive range of fasteners are available in most commercial finishes, and these include:

Zinc plating
Copper plating
Clear passivation 
E Coat™

With the vast availability of coatings and platings, we can supply fasteners that are safe, corrosion resistant and reliable. This reduces the need for replacements which can be unsafe and costly. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke fastener service which can cater to all applications, and this extends to our custom finishes.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss how we can guarantee success for your next fastener project then give us a call, drop us an email or fill out our contact form here.

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