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Tuesday 7th Nov 2023

4 Key Fasteners and Why You Should Use Them

Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of hardware being used to mechanically join objects together. They play an essential role in many sectors such as construction and automotive to form either a permanent or non-permanent joint. With so many parts on the market, you may be wondering where to start?

To help, here are 4 stand-out fasteners which hold exceptional benefits in both strength and reliability:

1. Self Clinching Studs

Self Clinching Studs are a permanent fastener which use a clinch feature to joint two metal sheets together. During installation, the stud is pressed into sheet metal which then displaces its materials around the locking ring to tightly secure the fastener.

They are favoured by engineers due to their ability to provide a durable joint between thin metal sheets. Unlike other joining methods, Self Clinching Studs do not damage the integrity of the material it is pressed into. 

Not only this, but their installation is very straightforward as they do not require welding, gluing or external hardware. As a result of this, they can help businesses save on both time and energy costs.

2. Spline Bolts

Spline bolts are also known as Knurled Bolts and they are commonly used in the automotive industry for high-strength applications such as wheel bolts, engine mounting bolts and more. Their distinct shape reduces the risk of slippage and enhances torque transmission.

They are often used for critical applications as their durability minimises the likelihood of bolt damage or loosening. Spline Bolts are also favoured for heavy-duty requirements due to their load-bearing capabilities, making them a great choice for a multitude of industries.

3. Brake Lining Rivets

Used primarily in automotive applications, Brake Lining Rivets are used to secure the brake lining material to the brake shoes or pads on vehicles. Though they are small, they contribute to the effectiveness and longevity of a vehicle’s braking system.

Brake Lining Rivets are a more robust alternative to bonding and are often made of durable materials such as copper and steel. This crucial fastener creates a strong and secure fastening, which enhances the safety of the braking system and the overall vehicle. 

4. Weld Bolts

Weld Bolts are often utilised in sheet material to provide a secure fastening where there is only access available from one side. They are used commonly in the automotive, construction and manufacturing applications and once welded into place, they form a sturdy bond. 

The design and application of weld bolts give them very good pull-out performance as they become an integral part of the structure they are applied to. Equally, as they provide a clean finish, they are also ideal for projects where aesthetics is important. 

Fasteners Manufactured For Longevity

It’s important to source any of the mentioned fasteners from a reputable supplier with a commitment to quality, and this is where Clevtec excels! Our detailed Quality Management System ensures that each fastener, no matter how small, is guaranteed for success. 

If you need industrial fasteners and components for an upcoming project, then our team would be happy to impart their knowledge and discuss how we could help you with our products and services. Contact us here.

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