Spline Bolts

Product Info

We manufacture a wide range of Spline/Knurled bolts to customer's drawings.

Materials & Finishes

Splined Bolts are available in Mild Steels or Carbon Steels with Boron suitably heat treated for higher tensile safety critical requirements, or from Stainless Steel. Various finishes can be added from the standard self colour, e.g. zinc plate, Dacromet™, Zylan™.


Used in the automotive industry for Wheel Bolts, Engine Mounting Bolts, Exhaust Mounting Bolts, and other situations where high strength applications are required. They are also used by a wide variety of sheet metal industries where bolts are needed to be staked into thicker materials e.g. 3mm and above.

Stock Sizes

Due to the more specialist nature of these products and the more specific applications of individual customers we only stock these parts to customers schedule/order requirements.

Design Specifications

A wide variety of spline styles and thread sizes both Metric and Imperial can be supplied.


Splined bolts are generally packed into polypropylene bags but can boxed as required please specify at the time of enquiry.

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