Weld Bolts

Product Info

Projection Weld Bolts and Studs are available with a range of head styles with either weld pipes or an annular weld ring positioned either under the head or on top of the head.

Materials & Finishes

Weld bold bolts are available in standard Mild Steels or Carbon Steels with Boron suitably heat treated for higher tensile requirements. Various finishes can be added from the standard self colour, to copper or zinc plate.


Used in sheet material to provide secure fastenings in applications where access is only available from one side. Used mainly in the automotive industry for light or heavy duty applications.

Stock Sizes

M4 to M16 Dimensions to BS.7670 in metric and imperial sizes to suit your requirements.


Our manufacturing plant is capable of producing weld bolts to your drawings, in non standard lengths, as well as to other National or European Standards and stocking them for your call off instructions. Optical sorting can also be carried out if requested.

Packing Quantity

The weld bolts are normally packed into polypropylene bags ready for immediate dispatch. However they can be supplied in boxes if this is indicated at the time of order.

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