Plastic Thread Forming Screws

Product Info

The growth in the use of plastic thread forming screws (PTFS) is driven in part by the need to reduce the total weight of an increasing number of component assemblies, either new design or redesign.

The type of plastic selected for the required component performance means that it is essential to use a fastener that maximises clamping loads by ensuring high strip out torque values and in many applications prevents loosening due to vibration. PTFS are the ideal fastener for such applications where fasteners such as self-tapping screws for steel applications would fail due to their wide flank angles and shallow threads.
Clevtec’s ever increasing range of plastic thread forming screws manufactured at our two plants in Birmingham UK, currently cover 2.2mm up to and including 6mm diameter PTFS in metric and imperial sizes (including Tri-lobe).

There are so many versions of plastic thread forming screws available, we tend to manufacture to customers specific requirements. In order for us to quote, we would ask for the following information:-
Annual quantity required, a drawing plus material, heat treatment and plating specifications. Please note that we only manufacture non-licenced drives.
Please contact us if you need any further information on these or any other of our UK manufactured threaded fasteners.

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